Spencer Lacrosse London

London's premiere lacrosse club for players of all abilities


Senior Team Captains

Team captains for the 2018/19 season are:

1st Team Co-Captain
Paul Wainwright
email: spencerlacrossecaptain@gmail.com
tel: 07907696293

1st Team Co-Captain
Ollie Prescott
email: spencerlacrossecaptain@gmail.com
tel: 07880054447

2nd Team Co-Captain
Sean Keane
email: sean.keane@live.com
tel: 07704186334

2nd Team Co-Captain
Ben Whitman
email: benwhitman27@hotmail.co.uk
tel: 07752750454

3rd Team Co-Captain
James Morrison
email: spencer3s@outlook.com
tel: 07909578147

3rd Team Co-Captain
Freddie Marryat
email: freddiemarryat12@gmail.com
tel: 07508005597

4th Team Co-Captain
Michael Hazy
email: michael.hazy@phantomlacrosse.com
tel: 07864883235

4th Team Co-Captain
Oliver Angwin
email: oliverangwin@gmail.com
tel: 07790829511

Womens Club Captain
email: spencerwomenslacrosse@gmail.com

Note. On match days use our mobile numbers first otherwise email is often the best way of contacting us.

Club Committee

Club committee contacts for the 2018/2019 season are:

Ben Thompson
email: b.c.thompson.uk@gmail.com

Vice Chairman
Rob Holmes
email: rjholmesy@hotmail.com<

Jon Dodd
email: spencerlaxlondon@gmail.com

Hon. Secretary
Rob Arnott
email: robert.m.arnott@gmail.com

Head of Junior Development
Peter Compton
email: petercompton@hotmail.co.uk
tel: 07714340582

Website Secretary
Ed Shee
email: edshee1@yahoo.co.uk

Fixtures Secretary
Chris Jones
email: chris.jones@cantab.net

Co-Fundraising/Social Secretary
Tom Leahy
email: leahy_08@hotmail.com

Co-Fundraising/Social Secretary
Cosmo March
email: cosmo.march@live.com

Social Media Content Secretary
Joe Darkins
email: joseph.darkins@gmail.com

Child Protection Officer
Jenny Woodrow
email: jenny.woodrow@hotmail.com

Nick Flew
email: nick.flew@hotmail.co.uk

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